Apr 20, 2014

The Kingmaker's Daughter

The Kingmaker's Daughter (The Cousins' War #4)The Kingmaker's Daughter by Philippa Gregory
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This book is told from Anne Neville's point of view. When her Father puts Edward (York) on the throne he is dismayed by Edward's marriage to Elizabeth Woodville and his allegiance to her Rivers' family. He plots with Edward's brother George (second in line) to put George on the throne. George is married to Anne's sister Isabel. When things go wrong they are all forced to flee and Isabel loses her child at sea.

But the Kingmaker doesn't give up. He has another daughter and another chance at the throne. Anne is married off to Edward Price of Wales the son of King Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou (Lancaster). They return to England to claim the throne but George betrays them and goes back to his brother's side. When Price Edward falls in battle Edward of York has King Henry VI who is his prisoner in the tower put to death. Richard (Edward's faithful brother) sends the widowed Anne (Princess of Wales) to live with Isabel and George. When he realizes they are keeping her prisoner he schemes to marry her and claim half the Neville fortune. Anne and Richard marry and have one son whom they name Edward.

When Isabel dies mysteriously George claims the Queen had her poisoned. Eventually he is arrested and tried for treason. They kill him by drowning him in a butt of Malmsey wine.

When Edward begins to show signs of favoring Richard over the Rivers',  Queen Elizabeth has him poisoned in order to put her son on the throne. Richard who was named Regent takes her son into custody and puts him in the tower until his coronation, but the 12 year old makes it plain he sides with his Mother and her family. At some point his brother joins him in the tower. Richard reveals that Edward was not really married to Elizabeth Woodville as he was already married to Lady Eleanor Butler and has their children declared bastards. Richard is crowned King Richard III and Ann becomes Queen of England,  and their son Edward is named Prince of Wales thus fulfilling her Father's dream.

Elizabeth Woodville schemes to overthrow the King. She has her eldest daughter Elizabeth of York betrothed to Henry Tudor. The boys in the tower disappear and are believed dead. Elizabeth believes the Tudor's are responsible and has Elizabeth of York seduce Richard.

Ann is in mourning for her son who died of fever shortly after Richard was made King. She goes along with Richard's supposed scheme to seduce Elizabeth so her betrothal to Henry Tudor will be dismissed. Ann becomes ill and suspects Elizabeth of poisoning her. Ann eventually dies.

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