Apr 17, 2014

Last Blood

Last Blood (House of Comarré, #5)Last Blood by Kristen Painter
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Chrysabelle kills the raptor that stole Mal's emotions and he returns to her side. He is overjoyed when she tells him about the baby.

Turns out Heaven's brother (Remo) was responsible for putting the silver in the arena in an attempt to take the Pride away from Doc. With the help of Police Chief Vernadetto, Doc & Fi are able to prove it. In return Doc gives Vernadetto a seat on the council and makes him a member of their Pride even though he is a very rare shapeshifter (Doppelganger). He also gets Dominic to agree to back Vernadetto's run for Mayor.

Dominic repays his debt to Creek's Grandmother by paying off Creek's debts to the KM, Creek is now a free man. He also gives Creek a job working at Seven.

The Castus turned Lilith (Mariela) into a full grown monster that even they are afraid of. Samuel tells Titania that she has to take Lilith to the Garden of Eden and have her eat from the Tree of Life. Titania ask Mal to help. The Aurelian tells Chrysabelle that Tatiana must eat from the tree, so Mal tricks Tatiana into eating from the tree before Lilith does. When Tatiana eats from the tree nothing seems to happen but when Lilith eats from the tree she falls to the ground and turns into a fully human toddler. Tatian is informed that because she ate from the tree her vampire side has died and that if she leaves the Garden she will turn to dust. Mal, Chrysabelle and Mariela (Lilith) leave the garden. Michael reveals he is Chrysabelle's Father but because of her relationship with Mal he will never be able to see her again. But that the child she carries will be the best of both parents and a great protector of mankind. Michael also allows Chrysabelle to take one apple from the Tree of Life with her. Chrysabelle takes Mariela and the apple to Preacher. Preacher eats the apple after being reunited with his daughter and is restored to being fully human. Lola attempts to enter the church to take her granddaughter and is incinerated because she is on Holy Ground.

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