Apr 27, 2014

In Other Worlds - Fire and Ice

In Other Worlds (Were-Hunter #1; Dark-Hunter; The League, Gen 2 #2)In Other Worlds by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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My favorite was Fire and Ice a badly injured Adron (Nykyrian and Kiara's son) is angry with his brother Jayce for not following the assassins oath and killing him when he found him barely alive. Now he lives in constant pain that he tries to dull by drinking. Livia is fixing to be married off to a man old enough to be her grandfather and there is only one way to stop it, the old goat won't marry her if she isn't a virgin. So she goes to the bar where Adron is hanging out with the sole purpose of losing her virginity. When her Father's guards show up she dives into the booth where Adron is attempting to drink himself into oblivion. She winds up going home with him and she uses her Trisani abilities to temporarily take his pain away and they make love. When her irate Father shows up to beat her and humiliate her Adron stands up to him and claims Livia as his wife, but shortly after that he collapses. Adron tries to get Livia to divorce him as he does not want her stuck with a cripple but she refuses to go and they fall in love. Livia manages to get Adron to go out in the world more and enjoy as much of the world as he can but when they run into Jayce things take a fatal turn when the two get in a physical fight. Adron is dying and there is nothing they can do to save him when Livia uses her powers to completely heal him. But the cost is steep,  Livia is in a coma and the doctors don't expect her to come out of it. Adron attempts to bring her Mother to her in hopes of saving her.

Knightly Dreams and Dragonswan are the other short stories in the book. Dragonswan is a Were-Hunter book and I have read it before.

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