Apr 26, 2014


Devious (New Orleans, #7)Devious by Lisa Jackson
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Father John is back and this time with a twist he gets "Sister" Camille pregnant and is distraught when she is killed. The nuns at Saint Marguerite's are being picked off one by one. Sister Lucia who is seeing visions of their deaths flees on Cruz Montoya's (Reuben's brother) motorcycle.

Camille's sister (Val) soon realizes the nuns have something else in common they were all orphans at St. Elsinore's who were adopted. Stumbling on the the fact Camille was convinced their birth parents were not who they think Val does her own "research" and discovers her birth Mother is Reverend Mother Charity and her Father is a wealthy benefactor of St. Marguerite's.

In a final show down with Sister Devota (the orphan from Saint Elsinore's who wasn't adopted) Charity sacrifices herself to save her birth daughter, from the psycho who is killing off the girls she hates because they were loved.

In prison Devota receives a visit from Father John who ends the life of the "Bride of Christ Killer".

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