Apr 16, 2014

A Wanted Man

A Wanted Man (Jack Reacher, #17)A Wanted Man by Lee Child
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Possibly the first Reacher novel where he didn't score with one of the women in the book.

Reacher never learns he is still hitchhiking and the people who pick him up still bring him nothing but grief. When he is picked up on the side of the road by two men and one woman dressed in identical shirts he thinks nothing of hopping in the car. A few roadblocks later and after being asked to drive he is revising his opinion especially when the woman attempts to blink out a message to him. When they stop for gas Reacher attempts to call the FBI but before he can get through to the person he needs to talk to one of the men come in the gas station. When they later stop at a motel McQueen goes inside with him and takes a shot at him. Dutifully reporting back to his partner King that Reacher is dead with a bullet between the eyes.

Reacher finally gets to make his phone call to the FBI and Sorenson arrives. She plans to arrest Reacher but he talks her into looking for Karen Delfuenso, the kidnapped victim first. When they find the stolen car on fire with a body inside Sorenson assumes it is Karen's body and she takes Reacher into custody. But before she delivers him they discover Karen's daughter has been kidnapped. Sorenson and Reacher hide out while they wait to hear from Sorenson's forensics team. When they do Reacher's suspicions are confirmed it was a man's body inside the car, probably King and he has Sorenson turn him over to the authorities. He is taken to a hotel where the eyewitness, Karen and her daughter are all being held. Sorenson winds up there too after she ask one to many questions. It turns out that Karen isn't simply a cocktail waitress that got carjacked she works for the FBI. When they learn McQueen is in danger the 3 set off to rescue him and as usual Reacher accomplishes the impossible and rescues McQueen.

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