Mar 9, 2014

The Affair

The Affair (Jack Reacher, #16)The Affair by Lee Child
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This should actually be the first book in the series. I really wish authors wouldn't write books out of order.

Reacher is still in the Military and he is ordered by Garber to go undercover to Charter Crossing, Mississippi where three women have been murdered. His opposite Munro will be on the military base (Kelham) but both have orders to protect the military's reputation.

The sheriff ex-Marine (MP) Elizabeth Deveraux immediately realizes that Reacher is working undercover. Once she establishes she can trust him they start working together and get romantically involved.

Munro shuts the base down, but denies that a quarantine squad is surrounding the base after a journalist from Oxford is killed in the vicinity of Kelham. When Bruce (the teenage brother of one of the black victims) is killed Reacher goes after the squad and discovers that the killers are self appointed soldiers known as the Tennessee Free Citizens, he takes out the killer and sends the others packing.

He also discovers that the white victim Janice Chapman (Audrey Shaw) was living in Charter Crossing under an assumed name and that she had an affair with Senator Riley before disappearing to Charter Crossing. All three victims dated Captain Reed Riley (Senator Riley's son) and broke up with him shortly before their deaths. The two black victims were pregnant at the time they were killed. Reacher goes to Washington D.C. to confront Colonel John James Frazer Senate Liaison about the cover up and Frazer meets with an unfortunate accident.

Reacher is confronted with evidence indicating that Elizabeth Deveraux is the killer, but suspecting her file has been tampered with he ask his friends for help clearing her name. Once he gets confirmation that the real killer is Reed Riley, Reacher orchestrates a solution to protect the army while seeing that the Riley's get the punishment they deserve.

Advised that he is on the army's shit list he makes plans to leave the army.

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