Mar 8, 2014

Religious freedom isn’t a license to discriminate

Religious freedom isn’t a license to discriminate and no state laws promoting discrimination on any grounds should be advanced.  

Shouldn’t we have more pressing issues to worry about like unemployment, lack of health insurance for many citizens of our State, and our State’s constant ranking last in education? Sadly our State lawmakers backed by the Tea Party would rather advance “religious laws” infringing on others rights and promoting discrimination then actually work on the problems our State faces. 

Contrary to what Miller and those like her believe, Science has shown that sexual preferences have a biological basis and are indeed an immutable characteristic like skin color. DNA studies have identified the general location of at least one "gay gene." there is also evidence that the brains of homosexuals may be different from those of heterosexual men and women.

As for Miller’s assertion that religious freedom bills aren’t about bigotry but merely to prevent bakers from having to bake “homosexual wedding cakes”, I would like to know since the Bible plainly states DIVORCE is wrong, why all these Christian bakers who are outraged at the idea of having to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding have never shown any OUTRAGE over having to bake "wedding cakes" for second, third etc. Marriages? And why these Christian Bakers aren't up in arms about baking baby shower cakes for unwed Mothers?

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