Mar 24, 2014

Out for Blood

Out for Blood (House of Comarré, #4)Out for Blood by Kristen Painter
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As usual it's all about what Chrysabelle wants with no regarded for the consequences to those around her. She wakes up after being killed by the Aurelian (Nadira) and she doesn't want to talk about it so she sends Mal off. Then she goes to make up with him but he isn't there and big surprise Daciana has escaped and taken Damian back with her. So now of course Chrysabelle has to rescue him because she has been told by Creek he is her brother.

Creek was possessed by Yahla and convinces the Mayor (Lola) to put a curfew on othernaturals. Ticked off because Preacher and Mal refused to turn her she readily agrees.

Fi is steamed because Doc is married to Heaven, and takes off. Doc goes looking for her despite the curfew and is arrested. Mal takes Doc's place in chains at the town square. He is suppose to be released before sunrise but Lola infuriated by Dominic's visit and refusal to turn her instructs them to keep Mal until after the sun comes up and he turns to ash. In a desperate attempt to save Mal, Chrysabelle insist he drink from her veins. As the sun rises Mal disappears into a wisp of smoke. Heartbroken Chrysabelle returns to her home where her friends attempt to console her. When Mal shows up (smoke is how he scatters) Chrysabelle only lets a chosen few in on the fact he is alive believing that will give them an advantage when they go to rescue Damian and kidnap Lilith.

Fi confronts Heaven and Heaven challenges her. Doc's two advisers help train Fi for the fight, but Fi is no match for Heaven. Surprisingly Heaven collapses and Fi is pronounced the winner. Doc learns afterwards that someone put silver in the arena sand (which is lethal to shape shifters). He keeps the knowledge from Fi. He also learns that more then likely his ability to burst into flames has worn off and stops taking K.

Chrysabelle, Mal, Dominic and Katsumi go to rescue Damian and kidnap Lilith. Dominic and Katsumi get Damian out without a hitch, but the kidnapping of Lilith goes awry and the Castus Sanguis takes Lilith. Mal and Chrysabelle barely escape. Mal ask Chrysabelle to marry him and she says yes.

Chrysabelle insist on meeting with the Fae (Raptor) who can tell her about the "Ring of Sorrows" and agrees to pay his price. She discovers that every time she comes back to life a soul trapped in Mal's head is used to pay the price. The Raptor takes Mal's love for Chrysabelle away and he now just views her as a source of food. Chrysabelle realizes she is pregnant with Mal's baby.

Creek realizes Yahla possessed him and with the help of Annika (his new section chief Yahla killed Argent) he turns her to stone.

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