Mar 29, 2014

Final Scream

Final ScreamFinal Scream by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Angie Buchanan finds herself pregnant with her brother's child she schemes to seduce local bad boy Brig McKenzie so she can blame him for the pregnancy and cry rape. But someone is watching Angie and knows her secret and plots to remove Angie from Derek's life. Angie dies in a blazing inferno and Brig is blamed for the fire. Cassidy Buchanan helps Brig escape from the authorities.

Seventeen years later Cassidy Buchanan is married to Brig's brother Chase when another deadly inferno engulfs Chase and a mysterious stranger in the flames. The John Doe dies and Cassidy brings "Chase" home to recuperate. She discovers that her Father Rex had an affair with Sunny McKenzie and that the retarded boy Willie her Father has employed for years is actually his bastard son Buddy McKenzie. The John Doe is revealed to be an Alaskan billionaire who turns out to be Brig after further investigation. "Chase" claims that Brig came back to clear his name and reunite with Cassidy. After making love to "Chase" she realizes that Chase was actually the John Doe. Upset at the idea of sleeping with her dead husbands brother she flees the house just as the killer strikes again.

Buddy risk his life to get Brig to safety, the killer is captured after her deadly inferno catches Derek in the flames instead of Brig and Cassidy and she confesses.

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