Mar 4, 2014

Alex Cross Run

Alex Cross, Run (Alex Cross, #20)Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fast paced with lots of action. Alex is tasked with discovering the identities of three killers and the "PG Woman Killer" aka Rusty has targeted Alex and his family for reprisal.

Dr. Creem and his sidekick Joshua Bergman facing jail time for making pornography decide to make the time they are out on bail count while they relive their college days.

Meanwhile a reporter with a hard on for Alex Cross shoots Alex up with drugs and accuses him of attacking him for no reason while high. Alex winds up temporarily suspended from the force and his foster daughter Ava is removed from his home. When Ava goes missing he finds out to late that Rusty and Ron Guidice are one and the same. Ava's death devastates Alex and his family.

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