Feb 12, 2014

The Last Threshold

The Last Threshold (Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter, #4; Legend of Drizzt, #23)The Last Threshold by R.A. Salvatore
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I don't think Drizzt is dead, but I guess I'll have to wait and see. Salvatore certainly leads you to believe that Drizzt dies at the end of this book.

I was happy to discover that Jarlaxle hadn't willing betrayed Artemis Entreri. I am rather fond of both of them, and was pleased with the lengths Jarlaxle went to, to rescue Artemis from the Shadowfell.

Tiago Baenre is determined to track down Drizzt and kill him. Jarlaxle is determined to keep Drizzt safe especially when he discovers that Artemis Entreri (who he believed was dead) is with him. Jarlaxle uses the resources of Bregan D'aerthe to keep Drizzt and his friends away from Tiago but there are things even Jarlaxle can't anticipate. Effron is determined to confront his Mother. When he gets the opportunity he kidnaps Dahlia. Afafrenfere rescues her and they take Effron prisoner aboard their ship. Effron and Dahlia eventually make peace with one another and Effron joins them as an ally. He reveals to Drizzt that Draygo Quick is holding Guenhwyvar prisoner (explaining her haggard condition) in the Shadowfell and that when she comes to him she is being used to spy on him. The companions determine to rescue Guen.

Drizzt and Effron are taken prisoner and Dahlia, Artemis and Afafrenfere are turned to stone, only Ambergris escapes. She returns to Port Llast, where Tiago and his henchmen attempt to capture her. Jarlaxle intercedes and when she tells him what happened to Drizzt, Artemis and the others Jarlaxle and Arthrogate make plans to rescue them. The rescue attempt is successful and Arthrogate instructs them to flee Port Llast to avoid Tiago.

Drizzt, Effron, Ambergris, Afafrenfere, Artemis and Dahlia set out for Icewind Dale. Once there they soon hear tales of the red haired witch and they set out to find the enchanted forest. Drizzt finds a piece of scrimshaw with Regis' initial on it. They make camp and that night Drizzt awakens to singing he realizes Artemis left the camp about the time Artemis returns and reveals he can't find the singer, before they can do anything else a sleeping spell over comes them.

Tiago has arrived in Bryn Shander and is awaiting Drizzt's return. Errtu also comes to Bryn Shander in pursuit of Drizzt. Mistaking Tiago for Drizzt Errtu attacks him. Tiago kills Errtu, and becomes the hero of Bryn Shander. Years go by and there is no sign of Drizzt and his friends, even Jarlaxle is unable to find them...............

Drizzt and his companions awaken and realize something is wrong but until they get back to civilization they are unaware of the decades that have passed while they slept. Dahlia enraged by Drizzt's continued love for Catti-brie and hoping for death at Drizzt's hands attacks him. Unwilling to physically hurt Dahlia he refuses to fight her and she nearly kills him before Artemis arrives and pulls Dahlia away. Artemis sends Effron, Afafrenfere, and Ambergris back for Drizzt but he has disappeared without a trace.

Drizzt awakens on Kelvin's Cairn with Guenhwyvar (no idea how he got there) and believes he is dying in Catti-brie's arms.

Very disappointed in Dahlia. She is the only one of the companions who didn't change for the better.

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