Feb 26, 2014

See How She Dies

See How She DiesSee How She Dies by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Possibly one of the stupidest plots ever. Adria Nash shows up claiming to be London Danvers who was kidnapped from her very wealth family as a child.

Her half-siblings of course are convinced she is yet another fake even though she bears a strong resemblance to their Step-Mother Kat. Jason (the eldest) hires a private detective to dig up dirt on Adria and uncover the truth. Zach (the middle brother) and Adria fall deeply in love with each other, which is sickening since Adria is suppose to be his HALF-SISTER.

No DNA testing is done supposedly because Kat and Wit Danvers (London's parents) are dead. Apparently the fact that London has 4 half-siblings and a test on the siblings could establish a shared paternity doesn't occur to anyone, even the lovers Adria and Zach (steamy sex scenes).

The person who had Adria kidnapped meanwhile tries to drive her away with threats and finally a physical attack. Eventually the PI uncovers London's nanny (who disappeared the night of the kidnapping) and the fact that Adria really is London. Before Ginny Slade (the nanny) can be taken into custody she is killed. Adria realizes that is was Zach's mother Eunice who attacked her. While Eunice admits to paying Ginny to kidnap London and killing Kat she denies killing Ginny. Adria and Zach go to the Danvers yact to be alone. They are confronted by Jason who is determined to eliminate London. Jason pushes Zach overboard and London jumps in after him. Zack manages to get to shore and Jason is arrested for the murder of Ginny Slade. London is presumed dead.

Now to make it all nice and neat so the half siblings aren't committing incest and can live happily ever after. The PI uncovers that Wit Danvers was impotent and that Kat snuck off and had artificial insemination to conceive. He phones Zack with the news and then London/Aria appears and falls into Zach's arms.

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