Feb 10, 2014

My Birthday Adventure

I want to start by saying that in spite of everything I had a nice day.

I am NEVER picking a restaurant again. Hubby took me out for my birthday and as usual he asked where I would like to go. Since it was sorta warm and we had sunshine I suggested The Hook Up. Hubby had never been there before and I had only been once but enjoyed the food and we got good service when I was last there. Eldest son meet us there, which was really nice I enjoy seeing him. So we got a table on the deck and well with the wind and the sun going in it was rather chilly so we wound up moving inside. We waited over an hour and..........................well no FOOD.

Everyone was very apologetic and the manager offered to buy us a meal when/if we visit again. And when she found out it was my birthday she got me a piece of Key Lime Pie to go.

Long story short we wound up going to the IP Buffet.

Now as for why I will never choose another restaurant to eat at again. This is the SECOND time this has happened. Last year Hubby asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday. I choose Half Shell Oyster House in Biloxi. I had been there several times with my friend had always received prompt service and good food and thought Hubby might enjoy it. So he takes me we get seated right away and then we are IGNORED for 30 minutes. The waitress keeps walking right by us like we are invisible and it's not like they were busy there was only one other table with people at it in her section. We finally wind up flagging her down. Somehow she didn't realize we had just arrived and were waiting to be served.

Apparently it is fate. Whenever I take Hubby somewhere new that I like there will be some sort of snafu so Hubby will never want to visit again. So from now own Hubby picks the restaurant.

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