Feb 9, 2014

Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood (House of Comarré, #2)Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not really liking Chrysabelle much in this book mainly because she is toying with Mal and Creek, who both have the hots for her. She is down right disappointed when the two stop fighting over her and form an alliance to protect her.

Creek is with the Kubai Mata and has been sent to protect Chrysabelle and to get the ring of sorrows and return in to the Kubai Mata, who claim Chrysabelle's former patron stole it from them.

Meanwhile Fi (Ghost Fi was killed in Blood Rights after she was returned to life after being given a transfusion of Chrysabelle's blood), has returned as a shade. Determined to save her Doc goes to the witch that cursed him for help. Aliza agrees to help Fi if Doc will bring her some of Dominic's blood. Supposedly so Aliza can reverse the magic that turned Evie to stone. Doc ask Dominic for the blood but he turns him down flat so Doc steals Dominic's blood. Dominic swears to kill him for the crime, so Doc seeks refuge at Chrysabelle's house. While he is there the Nothos come. Mal takes Chrysabelle to the boat moored on the property for safety while Creek and Doc stay behind to fight off the Nothos. The Nothos are under orders to disengage and return for Tatiana if there is any fighting, so they flee. Creek and Doc follow them. Doc recognizes Mia (Doc's ex-girlfriend) when he see's Tatiana's henchmen putting her into the trunk of a car and attempts to rescue her. Unfortunately Dominic's henchmen Ronan captures Doc and takes him to Dominic. Creek goes to get Chrysabelle and Mal. Everyone winds up at Aliza's trying to get Dominic's blood back. When Aliza invites Mal in she just says vampire so Tatiana, Ivan and Octavian, who followed Mal, Chrysabelle and Creek, are also able to enter her residence. Tatiana feeling sorry for Aliza allows her to complete the ritual freeing Evie and Ivan is inadvertently turned to stone in Evie's place. Tatiana then shatters the stone Ivan. Due to the imminent sunrise Tatiana and Octavian flee. Dominic gives Mal a drink that will allow him to walk in the sun for a short while.  Mal trades his blood for Dominic's so Dominic will spare Doc's life. Aliza gives Doc something that will bring Fi back as a ghost, it also lifts Doc's curse (He can now turn into a panther instead of a housecat).

Chrysabelle performs a blood ritual so she can ask the Aurelian how to lift Mal's curses. She learns there is no way to lift the first curse. Because Mal and Creek accidentally accompanied her to the Comarre Library Chrysabelle is stripped of her Signum. In order to save her life Mal puts his blood into her open wounds.

Aliza and Evie use Mal's blood to summon Samael (head of the Castus Sanguis).

Doc discovers Preacher is killing the Fringe Vampires and follows him back to his church where he sees a Comarre (fake) feeding a baby a bottle of blood. 

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