Feb 19, 2014

Bad Blood

Bad Blood (House of Comarré, #3)Bad Blood by Kristen Painter
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Really Chrysabelle could have saved herself a lot of grief if she had just meet the comar that she allowed to stay at her house as a favor to Dominic. I don't think anyone is going to be surprised to learn that Damian is her brother.

Most of the book revolves around Mortalis, Mal and Chrysabelle going to New Orleans to get the Ring of Sorrows. The fae that is holding it insist on Chrysabelle doing a favor for him before he will return it. Once she gets it they go back to Paradise City and Chrysabelle gets her signum redone. By using the gold from the Ring of Sorrows combined with her blood being contaminated with Mal's a strange reaction occurs and Chrysabelle recovers much faster then normal. She immediately returns to the Aurelian (Nadira) to learn her brother's name. Nadira refuses to tell her and kills her. Velimai sends Mal after her and he brings her body back, but then Chrysabelle returns to life.

Creek kills the Vampire Witch Aliza in order to free Doc from her spell and now Doc can wield fire. Creek, Doc and Fi are battling the monsters on Samhain when they they discover the leader of Doc's former pride Sinjin in the one killing comarre. Sinjin challenges Doc and threatens to kill Fi, Doc uses his fire power to kill Sinjin and according to Pride Law he is now leader of the pride that threw him out when he was a kitty cat and "married" to Sinjin's wife.

The Castus gave the vampire baby (Preacher's daughter) to Tatiana to raise. Tatiana names the baby Lilith.

Creek meets Yahla who reveals he set her free when he burnt Aliza's house down. She gives him 3 feathers and tells him his Grandmother can make a charm from them to keep him safe from her. She also says she will protect him.

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