Feb 5, 2014

61 Hours

61 Hours (Jack Reacher, #14)61 Hours by Lee Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Did Reacher survive? It seems doubtful (except I already have the next book in the series waiting to be read).

A tour bus wreck lands Reacher in Bolton, where Janet Salter's life is being threatened by Plato to prevent her from testifying to a crime. Deputy Cheif Andrew Peterson engages Reacher's help in guarding Janet Salter, as the police are obligated to drop everything in the event of a riot at the prison or an escape.

First the lawyer that delivered the messages is killed on a deserted country road. Why did he stop?

Then a riot at the prison leaves Janet Salter unprotected except for Reacher but the killer never comes, or does he?

Reacher is also trying to find out what a mysteriously abandoned army building is for and contacts Susan Turner for help getting the info. After the bikers move out Peterson, Reacher and Chief Holland visit the building and discover a cache of jewels and meth. Chief Holland gives Peterson credit for the discover and shortly afterwards Peterson winds up dead. Chief Holland arranges for Reacher to break the news to Peterson's window and has him dropped off at the new widows home. When the alarm goes off and Janet Salter is left alone, Reacher has no way to reach her in time although he valiant runs through freezing temperatures and snow to get to her. When he finds her dead he blames himself for not figuring out who the killer was sooner.

He arranges for the killer to drive him out to the abandoned building after killing him he waits for Plato to arrive (by plane) so he can kill him. But Plato's guards have been bought off by the Russian Plato was double crossing and while Plato and Reacher are underground the guards dump jet fuel in the cavern and set it on fire. No one could have survived...................

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