Feb 26, 2014

See How She Dies

See How She DiesSee How She Dies by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Possibly one of the stupidest plots ever. Adria Nash shows up claiming to be London Danvers who was kidnapped from her very wealth family as a child.

Her half-siblings of course are convinced she is yet another fake even though she bears a strong resemblance to their Step-Mother Kat. Jason (the eldest) hires a private detective to dig up dirt on Adria and uncover the truth. Zach (the middle brother) and Adria fall deeply in love with each other, which is sickening since Adria is suppose to be his HALF-SISTER.

No DNA testing is done supposedly because Kat and Wit Danvers (London's parents) are dead. Apparently the fact that London has 4 half-siblings and a test on the siblings could establish a shared paternity doesn't occur to anyone, even the lovers Adria and Zach (steamy sex scenes).

The person who had Adria kidnapped meanwhile tries to drive her away with threats and finally a physical attack. Eventually the PI uncovers London's nanny (who disappeared the night of the kidnapping) and the fact that Adria really is London. Before Ginny Slade (the nanny) can be taken into custody she is killed. Adria realizes that is was Zach's mother Eunice who attacked her. While Eunice admits to paying Ginny to kidnap London and killing Kat she denies killing Ginny. Adria and Zach go to the Danvers yact to be alone. They are confronted by Jason who is determined to eliminate London. Jason pushes Zach overboard and London jumps in after him. Zack manages to get to shore and Jason is arrested for the murder of Ginny Slade. London is presumed dead.

Now to make it all nice and neat so the half siblings aren't committing incest and can live happily ever after. The PI uncovers that Wit Danvers was impotent and that Kat snuck off and had artificial insemination to conceive. He phones Zack with the news and then London/Aria appears and falls into Zach's arms.

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Feb 21, 2014

The Christmas Wedding

The Christmas WeddingThe Christmas Wedding by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cute book about Family the cover is misleading. No one wears a dress like that anywhere in the book. The Bride is Gabby Summerhill a 54 year old widow of 3 years. She informs her children by video that she is getting married at Christmas and would like them there. Along the way we learn about her children and their families. When the big day arrives we along with the guest and potential grooms are left to wonder if she will pick 1.) Tom Hayden who owns the Farm next door 2.) Jacob Coleman the rabbi at the local temple or 3) Martin Summerhill her brother in law.

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A Message From My Inept Congressman

Steven M. Palazzo
4th District, Mississippi

Assistant Republican Whip
Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515
House Armed Services
Subcommittee on Seapower and
Projection Forces
Subcommittee on Readiness
House Science, Space, and
Technology Committee
Chairman, Subcommittee on Space
and Aeronautics
Subcommittee on Research and
Science Education
February 21, 2014

Dear Mrs. Alawine:

Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts regarding ___________.  As your Congressman, I am committed to putting the needs of Mississippi families first, and knowing your views and ideas on federal legislation is critical in order to best represent you.  To this extent, your comments and ideas are always appreciated.
Insert Text Here.
As I close, let me again thank you for contacting me and helping me to better understand the concerns of Mississippians. If there is any assistance I can provide or if you have additional thoughts and opinions, don't hesitate to contact me.  As a reminder, please visit my website www.palazzo.house.gov and sign up for our E-newsletter for updates on issues important to you and your family.

Steven M. Palazzo
Member of Congress
Steven M. Palazzo
Member of Congress
Washington, DC:
331 Cannon House Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5772
Fax: (202) 225-7074
1325 25th Avenue
Gulfport, MS 39501
Phone: (228) 864-7670
Fax: (228) 864-3099
641 Main Street, Ste 142
Hattiesburg, DC 39401
Phone: (601) 582-3246
Fax: (601) 582-3452
3118 Pascagoula St, Ste 181
Pascagoula, MS 39567
Phone: (228) 202-8104
Fax: (228) 202-8105
1514 W 10th Street, Ste 3
Laurel, MS 39440
Phone: (601) 428-9711
Fax: (601) 428-9704
Really mailing out a form letter without filling in the blanks and inserting the text where you are directed Congressman just makes you look even more incompetent then most of us think you are.

Feb 19, 2014

Bad Blood

Bad Blood (House of Comarré, #3)Bad Blood by Kristen Painter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Really Chrysabelle could have saved herself a lot of grief if she had just meet the comar that she allowed to stay at her house as a favor to Dominic. I don't think anyone is going to be surprised to learn that Damian is her brother.

Most of the book revolves around Mortalis, Mal and Chrysabelle going to New Orleans to get the Ring of Sorrows. The fae that is holding it insist on Chrysabelle doing a favor for him before he will return it. Once she gets it they go back to Paradise City and Chrysabelle gets her signum redone. By using the gold from the Ring of Sorrows combined with her blood being contaminated with Mal's a strange reaction occurs and Chrysabelle recovers much faster then normal. She immediately returns to the Aurelian (Nadira) to learn her brother's name. Nadira refuses to tell her and kills her. Velimai sends Mal after her and he brings her body back, but then Chrysabelle returns to life.

Creek kills the Vampire Witch Aliza in order to free Doc from her spell and now Doc can wield fire. Creek, Doc and Fi are battling the monsters on Samhain when they they discover the leader of Doc's former pride Sinjin in the one killing comarre. Sinjin challenges Doc and threatens to kill Fi, Doc uses his fire power to kill Sinjin and according to Pride Law he is now leader of the pride that threw him out when he was a kitty cat and "married" to Sinjin's wife.

The Castus gave the vampire baby (Preacher's daughter) to Tatiana to raise. Tatiana names the baby Lilith.

Creek meets Yahla who reveals he set her free when he burnt Aliza's house down. She gives him 3 feathers and tells him his Grandmother can make a charm from them to keep him safe from her. She also says she will protect him.

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Feb 12, 2014

The Last Threshold

The Last Threshold (Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter, #4; Legend of Drizzt, #23)The Last Threshold by R.A. Salvatore
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don't think Drizzt is dead, but I guess I'll have to wait and see. Salvatore certainly leads you to believe that Drizzt dies at the end of this book.

I was happy to discover that Jarlaxle hadn't willing betrayed Artemis Entreri. I am rather fond of both of them, and was pleased with the lengths Jarlaxle went to, to rescue Artemis from the Shadowfell.

Tiago Baenre is determined to track down Drizzt and kill him. Jarlaxle is determined to keep Drizzt safe especially when he discovers that Artemis Entreri (who he believed was dead) is with him. Jarlaxle uses the resources of Bregan D'aerthe to keep Drizzt and his friends away from Tiago but there are things even Jarlaxle can't anticipate. Effron is determined to confront his Mother. When he gets the opportunity he kidnaps Dahlia. Afafrenfere rescues her and they take Effron prisoner aboard their ship. Effron and Dahlia eventually make peace with one another and Effron joins them as an ally. He reveals to Drizzt that Draygo Quick is holding Guenhwyvar prisoner (explaining her haggard condition) in the Shadowfell and that when she comes to him she is being used to spy on him. The companions determine to rescue Guen.

Drizzt and Effron are taken prisoner and Dahlia, Artemis and Afafrenfere are turned to stone, only Ambergris escapes. She returns to Port Llast, where Tiago and his henchmen attempt to capture her. Jarlaxle intercedes and when she tells him what happened to Drizzt, Artemis and the others Jarlaxle and Arthrogate make plans to rescue them. The rescue attempt is successful and Arthrogate instructs them to flee Port Llast to avoid Tiago.

Drizzt, Effron, Ambergris, Afafrenfere, Artemis and Dahlia set out for Icewind Dale. Once there they soon hear tales of the red haired witch and they set out to find the enchanted forest. Drizzt finds a piece of scrimshaw with Regis' initial on it. They make camp and that night Drizzt awakens to singing he realizes Artemis left the camp about the time Artemis returns and reveals he can't find the singer, before they can do anything else a sleeping spell over comes them.

Tiago has arrived in Bryn Shander and is awaiting Drizzt's return. Errtu also comes to Bryn Shander in pursuit of Drizzt. Mistaking Tiago for Drizzt Errtu attacks him. Tiago kills Errtu, and becomes the hero of Bryn Shander. Years go by and there is no sign of Drizzt and his friends, even Jarlaxle is unable to find them...............

Drizzt and his companions awaken and realize something is wrong but until they get back to civilization they are unaware of the decades that have passed while they slept. Dahlia enraged by Drizzt's continued love for Catti-brie and hoping for death at Drizzt's hands attacks him. Unwilling to physically hurt Dahlia he refuses to fight her and she nearly kills him before Artemis arrives and pulls Dahlia away. Artemis sends Effron, Afafrenfere, and Ambergris back for Drizzt but he has disappeared without a trace.

Drizzt awakens on Kelvin's Cairn with Guenhwyvar (no idea how he got there) and believes he is dying in Catti-brie's arms.

Very disappointed in Dahlia. She is the only one of the companions who didn't change for the better.

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Feb 10, 2014

My Birthday Adventure

I want to start by saying that in spite of everything I had a nice day.

I am NEVER picking a restaurant again. Hubby took me out for my birthday and as usual he asked where I would like to go. Since it was sorta warm and we had sunshine I suggested The Hook Up. Hubby had never been there before and I had only been once but enjoyed the food and we got good service when I was last there. Eldest son meet us there, which was really nice I enjoy seeing him. So we got a table on the deck and well with the wind and the sun going in it was rather chilly so we wound up moving inside. We waited over an hour and..........................well no FOOD.

Everyone was very apologetic and the manager offered to buy us a meal when/if we visit again. And when she found out it was my birthday she got me a piece of Key Lime Pie to go.

Long story short we wound up going to the IP Buffet.

Now as for why I will never choose another restaurant to eat at again. This is the SECOND time this has happened. Last year Hubby asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday. I choose Half Shell Oyster House in Biloxi. I had been there several times with my friend had always received prompt service and good food and thought Hubby might enjoy it. So he takes me we get seated right away and then we are IGNORED for 30 minutes. The waitress keeps walking right by us like we are invisible and it's not like they were busy there was only one other table with people at it in her section. We finally wind up flagging her down. Somehow she didn't realize we had just arrived and were waiting to be served.

Apparently it is fate. Whenever I take Hubby somewhere new that I like there will be some sort of snafu so Hubby will never want to visit again. So from now own Hubby picks the restaurant.

Feb 9, 2014

Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood (House of Comarré, #2)Flesh and Blood by Kristen Painter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not really liking Chrysabelle much in this book mainly because she is toying with Mal and Creek, who both have the hots for her. She is down right disappointed when the two stop fighting over her and form an alliance to protect her.

Creek is with the Kubai Mata and has been sent to protect Chrysabelle and to get the ring of sorrows and return in to the Kubai Mata, who claim Chrysabelle's former patron stole it from them.

Meanwhile Fi (Ghost Fi was killed in Blood Rights after she was returned to life after being given a transfusion of Chrysabelle's blood), has returned as a shade. Determined to save her Doc goes to the witch that cursed him for help. Aliza agrees to help Fi if Doc will bring her some of Dominic's blood. Supposedly so Aliza can reverse the magic that turned Evie to stone. Doc ask Dominic for the blood but he turns him down flat so Doc steals Dominic's blood. Dominic swears to kill him for the crime, so Doc seeks refuge at Chrysabelle's house. While he is there the Nothos come. Mal takes Chrysabelle to the boat moored on the property for safety while Creek and Doc stay behind to fight off the Nothos. The Nothos are under orders to disengage and return for Tatiana if there is any fighting, so they flee. Creek and Doc follow them. Doc recognizes Mia (Doc's ex-girlfriend) when he see's Tatiana's henchmen putting her into the trunk of a car and attempts to rescue her. Unfortunately Dominic's henchmen Ronan captures Doc and takes him to Dominic. Creek goes to get Chrysabelle and Mal. Everyone winds up at Aliza's trying to get Dominic's blood back. When Aliza invites Mal in she just says vampire so Tatiana, Ivan and Octavian, who followed Mal, Chrysabelle and Creek, are also able to enter her residence. Tatiana feeling sorry for Aliza allows her to complete the ritual freeing Evie and Ivan is inadvertently turned to stone in Evie's place. Tatiana then shatters the stone Ivan. Due to the imminent sunrise Tatiana and Octavian flee. Dominic gives Mal a drink that will allow him to walk in the sun for a short while.  Mal trades his blood for Dominic's so Dominic will spare Doc's life. Aliza gives Doc something that will bring Fi back as a ghost, it also lifts Doc's curse (He can now turn into a panther instead of a housecat).

Chrysabelle performs a blood ritual so she can ask the Aurelian how to lift Mal's curses. She learns there is no way to lift the first curse. Because Mal and Creek accidentally accompanied her to the Comarre Library Chrysabelle is stripped of her Signum. In order to save her life Mal puts his blood into her open wounds.

Aliza and Evie use Mal's blood to summon Samael (head of the Castus Sanguis).

Doc discovers Preacher is killing the Fringe Vampires and follows him back to his church where he sees a Comarre (fake) feeding a baby a bottle of blood. 

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Feb 7, 2014

Worth Dying For

Worth Dying For (Jack Reacher, #15)Worth Dying For by Lee Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Explains how Reacher survived 61 Hours. Still sore from his close call Reacher winds up in Nebraska. Hanging out in a bar he insist the local doctor go to see a woman who has been badly beaten supposedly by her husband (Seth Duncan). Everyone tells Reacher that you don't mess with the Duncans but Reacher of course doesn't listen and punches the husband in the face. Seth Duncan is determined to get even and sends his bodygurads after Reacher.  Duncan and his family eventually blames a delayed "shipment" on Reacher leading to outsiders becoming involved with the hunt for Reacher.

The outsiders are busy defending their turf and conveniently turn on one another. Reacher then turns his attention to a decades old missing child case and discovers the Duncans' sick secret and how their family profits from it.

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Feb 5, 2014

61 Hours

61 Hours (Jack Reacher, #14)61 Hours by Lee Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Did Reacher survive? It seems doubtful (except I already have the next book in the series waiting to be read).

A tour bus wreck lands Reacher in Bolton, where Janet Salter's life is being threatened by Plato to prevent her from testifying to a crime. Deputy Cheif Andrew Peterson engages Reacher's help in guarding Janet Salter, as the police are obligated to drop everything in the event of a riot at the prison or an escape.

First the lawyer that delivered the messages is killed on a deserted country road. Why did he stop?

Then a riot at the prison leaves Janet Salter unprotected except for Reacher but the killer never comes, or does he?

Reacher is also trying to find out what a mysteriously abandoned army building is for and contacts Susan Turner for help getting the info. After the bikers move out Peterson, Reacher and Chief Holland visit the building and discover a cache of jewels and meth. Chief Holland gives Peterson credit for the discover and shortly afterwards Peterson winds up dead. Chief Holland arranges for Reacher to break the news to Peterson's window and has him dropped off at the new widows home. When the alarm goes off and Janet Salter is left alone, Reacher has no way to reach her in time although he valiant runs through freezing temperatures and snow to get to her. When he finds her dead he blames himself for not figuring out who the killer was sooner.

He arranges for the killer to drive him out to the abandoned building after killing him he waits for Plato to arrive (by plane) so he can kill him. But Plato's guards have been bought off by the Russian Plato was double crossing and while Plato and Reacher are underground the guards dump jet fuel in the cavern and set it on fire. No one could have survived...................

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Feb 3, 2014

Almost Dead

Almost Dead (San Francisco, #2)Almost Dead by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Edge of your seat thriller.

The book opens with a woman in a coma, she can hear but has no way to communicate and is frantic because the doctors are discussing removing her from life support throughout the book we are never sure which of Marla's daughters is in the coma. The book then flashes back to what lead to the woman's condition.

This is a squeal to If She Only Knew, and if you haven't read it most of this book will be very confusing.  Cissy is grown up married (but separated) to Jack Holt and they have a baby B.J.. At the beginning of the book Cissy's Mother (Marla Amhurst Cahill) has escaped from prison and seemly disappeared into thin air. When Eugenia Cahill (Cissy's Grandmother) is found at the bottom of the stairs of her mansion the police immediately expect foul play and Marla is their #1 suspect. But numerous questions arise who helped Marla escape? and where is she?

Rory Amhurst (Marla's brother, heir to the Amhurst fortune) has been institutionalized since a car accident as a toddler left him brain damaged. A mysterious visitor to the nursing home feeds him a lethal dose of brownies laced with shellfish.

One by one the members of Cissy's family are being killed off. The tragedies and danger bring Jack and Cissy back together and they reunite but then the unthinkable happens B.J. is kidnapped and the #1 suspect Marla is found decomposing in a rental house.

Marla's first born daughter deeply resentful that she was given up for adoption into a middle class background instead of the privileged society background Cissy enjoyed is bent on revenge and getting her hands on the Amhurst-Cahill fortune she views as her birthright. When her fantasy of a life with "Jack" comes crashing down and he confronts her with Marla's murder she turns on the man who masterminded the whole scheme. Cissy and Jack put the pieces together and rush to the Amhurst Mansion to save their son, but will a wounded Jack be able to prevent Cissy's death at the hand of her sister.

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