Jan 31, 2014

The Quiet Game

The Quiet Game (Penn Cage, #1)The Quiet Game by Greg Iles
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Penn Cage #1

Penn returns to Natchez, MS after his wife's death to make a home for his daughter with his parents. A chance meeting with the publisher of the local paper (Caitlin Masters) has him embroiled in unraveling a thirty year old "supposedly" unsolved murder.

But everyone is keeping secrets and if Penn can't unraveling the secrets fast enough the price of his determination to bring the killer to justice may be his death. Many know who the killer is including members of the FBI. Penn finally gets retired FBI Agent Stone to talk but they are ambushed by hired killers. Penn barely escapes with his life and he can't be sure if Stone is still alive or will make it to the trial in time.

Sheriffs Deputy Ike the Spike confesses to planting the explosives after being blackmailed by Ray Presley but Presley guns him down before the trial. Only Penn's quick thinking prevents Presley from killing him too.

Presley learns that Judge Marston set him up for a drug bust in order to appease Hoover and realizes that all his years of being loyal to Marston and protecting his secrets were misguided. Presley goes to confront Marston but Livy (Marston's daughter and Penn's ex-girlfriend) shoots Presley.

With the majority of his witnesses dead or discredited Penn doesn't have a prayer of winning the case until Jenny Doe (Livy's illegitimate daughter) shows up with a tape of Marston and Clayton Lacour discussing the murder

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