Jan 16, 2014

Frozen in Time (Blood of the Gods Book 1)

Frozen In Time (Blood of the Gods, #1)Frozen In Time by Marie Symeou
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Philip is very much in love with his wife, when she dies in childbirth he is heartbroken and joins the army. There he falls under the spell of a woman who appears to look a great deal like his deceased wife. It turns out to be the blood drinker Scylla, after she turns him Philip is determined to destroy her.

Meanwhile his wife is reborn as the Swan Lady, Sirona, in the enchanted paradise of Demar, he goes there to get branches from a tree that only grows there and falls in love with her. He begs her to wait for him to return from turning Scylla to stone. But while he is away she marries Finn and returns to the mortal world where she begins to age.

By the time Philip finds her again she is an old woman on her deathbed. He promises her "Death is not the end"

Book 2 Bound by Death

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