Jan 4, 2014

Charon's Claw

Charon's Claw (Forgotten Realms: Neverwinter, #3; Legend of Drizzt, #22)Charon's Claw by R.A. Salvatore
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Drizzt, Dahlia and Artemis Entreri succeed in in wresting Charon's Claw from Herzgo Alegni but in the battle Guen is captured and is being held by Draygo Quick in the Shadowfell. Quick used "The Shifter" to offer a trade to Drizzt he would release Guen if Drizzt would return Charon's Claw to him. But Drizzt's moral code will not allow him to return Artemis Entreri to the slavery the sword imposes on him.

Drizzt, Dahlia and Entreri set out for Gauntlgrym so they can destroy the sword, by throwing it in the fire. The sentient sword tries to implant thoughts of jealousy and hatred of Entreri in Drezzt's mind in hopes he will kill Entreri and choose not to destroy the sword. Followed by Herzgo Alegni and his allies they are fighting a desperate battle when the drow appear. Artemis' quick thinking of proclaiming them emissaries of Bregan D'aerthe earn them the drow's temporary help, and gives Drizzt hope that Jarlaxle is still alive as the drow seem to believe he is.

The trio find a way to the forge and destroy the sword, to their surprise the destruction of the sword doesn't lead to Entreri's death. They also receive help from Amber Gristle O' Maul (Ambergris) who has been sabotaging the Shadovar in order to help them from loyalty to Bruenor, once she realized who Drizzt is. Drizzt also discovers that Effron is Dhalia's son by Alegni.

It seems as if Drizzt will soon be reunited with another old friend Pwent is awakened and is now a vampire.

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