Jan 31, 2014

Anti-Choicer Claims Any Clump of Cells Containing Human DNA a Person

Chambers’ letter is riddled with errors. First she states that “Living things are composed of cells and grow and that if they contain human DNA they are persons”. By her definition if a human had a tumor which is a collection of living cells that grow containing human DNA the tumor would be a person. Which I think we can all agree is patently false, obviously the definition of personhood involves a bit more than a collection of cells containing human DNA.

She states that if anti-choicers get their way “No mother has to die because she cannot have an abortion”. This has been proven patently false in the case of Savita Halappanavar who even though she was miscarrying was denied an abortion because there was a fetal heartbeat and she was in a Catholic Country. The official report determined the Irish abortion laws were a key factor in her death.

Closer to home we have Marlise Munoz who has been viewed as nothing more than an incubator by the Texas Hospital who refused to remove her from life support at the request of her family because she was 14 weeks pregnant, at the time of her death. Two months later a Judge has ruled that the Brain Dead woman can be removed from life support.

Women deserve to be the ones making the decisions concerning their reproduction. Their health should not be endangered because they are pregnant and their corpses shouldn’t be used as incubators for embryos.

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  1. A few years back, Mississippi rejected the bill to give "personhood" ie legal status to a fertilized egg. I think that there is enough biological evidence to affirm that not every fertilized egg develops properly and results in a viable birth. So it seems that Mother Nature can be a bitch.


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