Jan 9, 2014

77 Shadow Street

77 Shadow Street77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had difficulty getting into the book until the end. It constantly switches from different characters POV making it confusing and difficult to follow and there are plots within plots.

There is the mass murder Mickey Dime who makes his home at the Pendleton, and who is trying to dispose of the body of his brother undetected.

Then there is the building taking it's residents on trips through time. First the past and then a disturbing future where pogroms have been used to wipe out humanity. Slowly the residents come to realize that the creator of the AI (The One) that has destroyed their world is amongst them leaving them with a choice when they return safely to the present. Do they allow him to live or do they exterminate him before he can exterminate humanity.

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