Dec 29, 2013

Blood Rights

Blood Rights (House of Comarré, #1)Blood Rights by Kristen Painter
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Love the characters in this series, which is set in the future.

Chrysabelle is determined to escape from her life as a comarre, but when her patron is found dead Chrysabelle is the chief suspect and Tatiana's determination to get the "ring of sorrows" and become the most powerful vampire has Chrysabelle running to Mal for protection.

Mal is a noble outcast with great powers since he killed his sire, but the voices of the people he killed are driving him crazy. Fiona a young student he killed when she stumbled upon him chained in a dungeon haunts him as a ghost who can sometimes take corporeal form. When Mal is suffering from hunger she chooses to take corporeal form and provide him with blood. This leads to her needing a transfusion and when they use Chrysablle's blood she returns to life. Before this Mal had brought her a hurt tomcat in hopes of cheering her up. The tomcat turned out to be a cursed shape shifter, Doc falls in love with Fi and the three are a close knit group.

Tatiana kidnaps Chrysabelle's "aunt" Marissa, in order to trap Chrysabelle. After gaining the help of Dominic (Marissa's lover and another outcast vampire) they storm Tatiana's fortress. Mal is temporarily taken off guard when he recognizes Tatiana as his wife (Shayna) who he believed to be dead. Marissa and Fi are killed, the covenant that protects humans from vampires is broken and Tatiana flees after her lover Mikkel is killed. Once back in Florida Mal and Chrysabelle go their separate ways but she still sends him blood and she is determined to help him break the curse Mikkel and Tatiana placed on him.

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