Nov 23, 2013

White Fire

White Fire (Pendergast, #13)White Fire by Douglas Preston
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love It!!!!!!! As an added bonus you get a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

Corrie hears about miners eaten by a bear over a hundred years ago and decides to do her thesis on the tale. When she arrives in Roaring Fork she meets fierce resists to her plan to examine the remains of the miners. The miners were already exhumed in order to move the old cemetery out of the way of the proposed new club house. As usual Corrie doesn't let a little thing like lack of permission stop her and winds up in jail facing 30 years when Pendergast shows up and saves the day.

With permission granted from Stacy Bowdree (one of the miners descendants) Corrie starts to work and soon discovers the men were eaten by humans. Meanwhile the Sheriff has enlisted Pendergast's aid in uncovering the identity of the arsonist that is terrorizing Roaring Fork.

Believing the fate of the miners to be linked to the current day arson and the attempts on Corrie's life Pendergast looks to Sherlock Holmes for answers.

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