Nov 6, 2013

When Venus Fell

When Venus FellWhen Venus Fell by Deborah Smith
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Venus and her younger sister Ella have spent ten years on the run after their Father was arrested for treason. Government agents seized their home, belongs and harassed the teenage girls, one low life almost raped Venus (Nellie). So when former government agent Gib Cameron shows up claiming to have money left for the girls by their Father Venus is understandably suspicious, but agrees to visit Cameron Hall, in the mountains of Tennessee.

The delicate Ella is charmed by the Cameron Family and falls under the spell of the mountains. All to fast for Venus' liking Ella falls for the smooth talking Carter. Meanwhile Venus fights her attraction to Gib. When Ella and Carter marry Venus fears disaster and her fears seem to be well founded when a secret from Ella's past threaten to destroy the new marriage.

Ella's delicate mental state leaves Venus torn between staying with the man she loves and fleeing with Ella. When a fire breaks out in the family chapel Venus prepares to flee before Ella can be blamed. Trying desperately to put out the fire Venus' hands are severely burned but she manages to save the organ and most of the chapel, she also pulls Gib's Aunt Olivia from the blaze.

Olivia's own secrets are finally revealed as Olivia finds her voice and the courage to stand up to Emory, who attempted to blackmail her out of her home.

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