Nov 9, 2013


UtopiaUtopia by Lincoln Child
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For some reason I had trouble getting into this book. Andrew Warne arrives at the amusement park on what he thinks is an offer to add to his Metanet creation, only to learn that because of "problems" they want to take the Metanet off line. He has brought his daughter Georgia with him.

The mysterious "problems" aren't a result of computer failure though a sinister plot is afoot to steal money from the park. Soon John Doe arrives with his demands for a CD of the "Crucible" (ground breaking hologram technology) and threats of mishaps at the park if his instructions aren't followed. Georgia is injured when Waterdark is sabotaged. Poole a tourist at the park who helps save many of the victims of Waterdark is hired to keep Warne safe. Soon he and Warne come to the conclusion that the CD isn't the objective but the armored car that will arrive shortly to take the money away. Slowly they realize that the head of tech security (Barksdale) is behind the plot, as he is dying he reveals what he knows of the plot. Leaving Terri to guard Georgia, Warne leaves to stop the armored car and Poole goes to disarm the bomb at the top of the Dome that has been planted to provide a distraction for the thieves escape.

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