Oct 21, 2013

Two Graves

Two Graves (Pendergast, #12)Two Graves by Douglas Preston
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This book is the last in the Helen Trilogy. The story opens with Pendergast and Helen meeting for the first time since her supposed death. The plan is for Pendergast to whisk Helen away to safety but a leak in the police department allows The Covenant to lay an ambush. Helen is kidnapped before Pendergast's horror struck eyes. A desperate chase ensues with Pendergast watching as Helen is killed before his eyes. He buries her in the desert and comes home a broken man contemplating suicide.

Dr. Viola Maskelene visits him and is shocked by his condition. Later trying to "help" him find a reason for living Vincent D'Agosta brings the Hotel Killer to his attention. At first Pendergast believes the hotel killer to be his brother Diogenes Dagrepont Bernoulli Pendergast (believed to have died in "The Book of the Dead") but DNA testing reveals the killer to be his "son".

Not long after an unkempt youth arrives on the doorsteps of the Dakota begging Pendergast for sanctuary. The youth reveals a shocking eugenics experiment conducted by Nazis at Nova Godoi. Twins are breed and the good twin is given every advantage the bad twin is used for manual labor and for donor organs if the good twin should need them. Bad twins are given numbers not names. 47 has escaped and come to his Father for help. He reveals that even though it is his ear, finger and toe found at the various crime scenes he is not the killer but his identical twin Alban (the good twin) is. Pendergast provides him with medical care, names him Tristram and hides him away at Riverside Drive, where he believes he will be safe from The Covenant.

Alban kidnaps Tristram from Riverside Drive and takes him back to Nova Godoi. Pendergast pursues and overcomes great odds to rescue his son. A badly injured Alban disappears into the jungle.

Corrie Swanson escaped from "The Covenants" hideout, gave the papers she pilfered to Pendergast and went to hide out with her Father, Jack Swanson. When she arrived on his doorstep unannounced she discovered he wasn't home and had been accused of stealing a car from the dealership he worked at and robbing a bank. She tracked him down, listened to his story of being framed and was able to help him prove his innocence.

Constance Greene convinced Dr. Felder of her sanity and told him what really happened to her son. She is now back at Riverside Drive.

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  1. How did she get away from the Covenant? Didnt see that in Cold Vengance?

  2. Unfortunately it's been over 3 years since I read the book so I am afraid I don't remember.


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