Oct 24, 2013

The Hard Way

The Hard Way (Jack Reacher, #10)The Hard Way by Lee Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Does Reacher every do anything the EASY WAY???? When Reacher witnesses a supposed kidnapper picking up the money the distraught husband has him brought in for questioning. Lane runs a soldiers for hire op and is determined to rescue his wife without police involvement. But Reacher stumbles on one of Lane's dirty secrets. He had his first wife killed and then left her killer and one of his other men behind in Africa. They were taken prisoner and tortured. The killer died but Hobart is alive and his sister went to Kate Lane and told her what really happened to Anne. To late Reacher realizes that Kate wasn't kidnapped now he much take out Lane and his soldiers of fortune before they kill Kate and her daughter Jade.

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