Oct 1, 2013

Racist Rant by Gina Miller

Most of the rabid Tea Party loonies do a better job of hiding their racism, but today Miller (Has Jackson, Mississippi, lost its mind?) was more then happy to display her bigotry and racism. Why? because a Democrat was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississippi.

Here in Mississippi, we have a conservative majority among residents; however, the population of Jackson is roughly 80 percent black and 20 percent white, and we know that a stupefying majority of black people blindly support Democrats, regardless of the Democrats' evil, destructive policies.

Really Gina? I am not sure which is more nauseating, the inference that black people are too stupid to vote and when they are allowed to vote for evil. Or the attitude that the 20% because they are white deserve a greater say in how they are governed. Never mind the fact that it is likely some of the white  20% may have actually voted for the elected mayor, and some of the black 80% may have voted for his opponent.

Gina also seems unaware that Mississippi is turning purple.

The absolutely shocking things we learned from the 2012 election are that 1) Romney probably lost because he lost the South and 2) Republicans can’t count on the South to deliver wins anymore.

As Douglas Blackmon wrote in the Washington Post, Obama “polled as well in Georgia as any Democrat since Jimmy Carter, grabbing 44% of the vote in deep-red South Carolina and just under that in Mississippi — despite doing no substantive campaigning in any of those states."

Her cherished  belief that Mississippi is a conservative (red) state is fast become a delusion. But Miller is nothing if not delusional. You can find a less biased view of Mayor Lumumba @ Chokwe Lumumba: New mayor, new era for Jackson, Mississippi ?

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