Oct 15, 2013

"Liberty Call" Port of Spain

Liberty Call... Port of SpainLiberty Call... Port of Spain by Azreay'l
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The three friends are constantly playing pranks to the dismay of their senior officers. The underwear prank definitely got them in hot water, but their combined ability to rig events in their favor seemly got them out of the hot water. All three of them along with their friend Barry are assigned five days of temporary duty in Spain, instead of the "punishment assignments" the senior officers had envisioned for them. They set off for fun in the sun while they are at liberty but soon find themselves in serious trouble with a Spanish mobster as well as a Jamaican drug lord. It takes some fast talking and quick thinking to extricate themselves from the trouble they land in. Providing barrels of laughs for the reader.

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