Sep 11, 2013

The Year of the Flood

The Year of the Flood (MaddAddam Trilogy, #2)The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood
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I expected it to pick up where Oryx and Crake left off but it doesn't. Instead it starts back at the beginning from other characters points of view. Jimmy (Snowman) is a self obsessed, selfish, jerk who is totally oblivious to those around him.

Ren is Jimmy's first girlfriend. He is totally unaware of her past as a God's Gardener and makes no effort to really get to know her. He is equally unaware that his best friend Glen (Crake) is a conduit for the Gardeners as was Jimmy's Mother. Ren is a pampered Compound brat whose Mother takes up with Zeb (Mad Adam) and takes Ren with her. Ren hates living with the Gardeners until she meets Amanda. Just when Ren has adjust to life as a Gardener her Mother breaks up with Zeb and goes back to the Compound with a lie about being kidnapped. To protect Zeb and Amanda Ren goes along with it. Years later when her Father is kidnapped and the corporation refuses to pay to get him back Lucerne (Ren's Mother) kicks Ren out. She winds up pole dancing at Scales and Tails. Lucky for her she is in isolation when the pandemic breaks out.

Amanda is working on her art in a remote area when the pandemic breaks out. In phone contact with Ren, she heads to Scales and Tails to release Ren from isolation. Amanda meet Jimmy after college and had a brief affair with him unaware of his history with Ren.

Toby's Father refused to sale their farm. First her Mother who sold vitamin supplements got sick with a mysterious illness that drained their bank account. Then her Father lost his job. When Toby returns for her Mother's funeral her Father kills himself. Forced to hide his body and the gun he used (owning guns is illegal) Toby has to leave college and hide out. She winds up with the God's Gardeners and becomes an Eve. Due to an obsessed man from her past she is forced to change her identity and hide out in a spa, where she has stockpiled food and other necessities.

Zeb breaks with the God's Gardeners and starts MaddAddam. Glen (Crake) is his prized hacker. But then Glen betrays them. The Scientist are rounded up and forced to work for Glen. They are safe at Paradice when the pandemic breaks out.

Croze, Shackie and their little brother Oates are locked up in Painball when the pandemic breaks out (Crake seems to have arranged that too).

First Amanda gets to Ren and lets her out of isolation, while they are celebrating Croze, Shackie and Oates enter Scales and Tails and the former God's Gardener children are reunited. They head to the spa to see if Toby made it when they are attacked by two men who were also in Painball. Oates is killed and Amanda and Ren are raped. Ren gets away and goes to Toby for help. Once Ren is well enough she and Toby try to find Amanda. They discover Croze, Shackie, the Scientist from Paradice and Zeb.Zeb is going to look for Adam One and the Other God's Gardeners (who unfortunately seem to be infected with the virus) and Toby and Ren continue to look for Amanda. Jimmy has found the men holding Amanda first and tries to free her. Toby steps in and manages to take the two men prisoner. Jimmy's foot is severely infected, Amanda is in a very fragile state and Ren is about to fall apart.

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