Sep 3, 2013

Thank god I Don't Live in Alabama

Alabama is fast becoming the bigoted state that makes Mississippi look good by comparison. Their latest contribution is Dean Young, a young Republican politician, who has condemned homosexuality in the strongest language possible if  Gina Miller's latest rant is to be believed. You can only wonder why Gina and Dean are so full of hatred for their fellow American's. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that families are all different and that a Lesbian Mother and her children are as much a family deserving of respect as the traditional family that Miller and Young insist are the only "real" families. Thankfully in America we enjoy freedom of religion and this bigoted prejudiced hateful brand of religion championed by Miller and Young can not be forced on us.

Hopefully for Alabama Dean Young will be soundly slapped down in the primaries. His fellow Republican candidates refused to sign his "anti-homosexual pledge".

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  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Wow, Ms. Ala---e, I stumbled on your page through an Internet search. Why don't you come over and join this discussion where you might be challenged?

    We allow comments at American Clarion, unlike Renew America (where they finally got a craw-full of the viciousness of the Left and disabled comments).

    You misrepresent both my and Dean Young's statements and sentiments, but that's SOP for leftists.

    ~Gina Miller


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