Sep 28, 2013


Styxx (Dark-Hunter, #23)Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The best book yet and Styxx is my very favorite. Yep I like him better then Ash. Even Apollymi learns to love him. And reunites him with his wife and son (Urian). He just has to die first.

I thought it was really touching how Urian befriended him and looked after him, even before they knew of their relationship. And loved how Simi realized he was all alone and spent Styxx's birthday with him, she is such a sweet child. Unfortunately as usual Simi causes lots of trouble. Realizing the only thing Styxx wants is his wife and son, and realizing that his wife is still alive Simi tries to wake her up. Unfortunately she wakes up all the Gods that want Ash dead (Apollymi didn't kill them merely turned them to stone).

Ash's neglect of Styxx is unforgivable, amazingly Styxx forgives him. But most of the time the only time Ash cares about Styxx's whereabouts is when he needs him to pretend to be him. And then he completely ignores the fact that Styxx helps him even after he has insulted and abused him. By the time Ash realizes that his memory of the past is faulty and that Styxx isn't anything like he thought the only thing Styxx wants is to be left alone. But when Savitar ask Styxx to die for Ash he agrees.

But there are a few things that Styxx doesn't know about himself and his wife, as usual Savitar has a few secrets.

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