Aug 10, 2013

The Curse

The Curse (Belador #3)The Curse by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved it.

Evalle is miffed that Storm was nursed back to health by Adrianna, but Storm is equally miffed when he sees Evalle kissing Isak. Isak now knows that Evalle is an Alterant, luckily for Evalle his Mother Kit stopped him from killing her and appears to be indulging in some heavy duty match making. To Isak's credit even after finding out that Evalle is an Alterant he loans her the weapon she needs to kill the Svart Trolls.

Quinn is having a really hard time. He feels guilty over accidentally betraying Evalle's whereabouts to Kizira. He unburdens himself to Tzader who orders him not to tell Evalle or anyone else. Tzader and Quinn try to use Quinn's link to Kizira to uncover what the Medb coven are up to. Quinn's cousin, Lanna, has also shown up. Lanna is fleeing from a wizard and manages to get kidnapped by the Trolls along with the twins Evalle is friends with. Lanna manages to use a cell phone to get in touch with Quinn and between her and a Belador prisoner they are able to help Isak and Viper find the prisoners before the Trolls start feeding on them. Quinn does a mind like with the Troll Lieutenant and discovers that this was a diversion and that the strongest Trolls are attacking Brina.

In order to protect Brina Evalle has to turn into her beast form. She saves Brina's life but believes that everyone including Storm is repulsed by her beast form. And Brina is working over time to make Tzader jealous.

Cathbad forces Tristan to evolve into a Gryphon. Evalle and Storm kiss and make up, now Evalle is ready to start tracking Tristan in order to rescue him and his sister.

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