Aug 22, 2013

Oryx and Crake

Oryx and Crake (MaddAddam Trilogy, #1)Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
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Jimmy now known as Snowman believes himself to be the last human on Earth. He recounts his youth and how he meet the genius Crake in school, and chronicles their friendship and Crake's obsession with the game MaddAddam involving extinct animals. Jimmy also becomes fixated on a kiddie porn star Oryx.

Jimmy's Mom abandons her family to crusade against the scientist who locked safely in their compounds are playing God with peoples and animals lives. Jimmy's Mom also seems to have a relationship with Crake that Jimmy is unaware of.

After graduation Jimmy and Crake part ways. Crake goes off to a prestigious school for scientist whereas Jimmy barely makes it into a third rate school for those interested in Literature and Art. After they graduate Crake's star rises high and he is able to write his own ticket at Paradice. Meanwhile Jimmy is stuck doing ad work for a mediocre compound. Then Jimmy's Mother is captured and killed for treason. Crake arrives on Jimmy's doorstep and offers him a job working on ad's at Paradice.

Crake is working on two projects the first is engineered humanoids "Crake's children" who he intends to replace humans and the second is a pill BlyssPluss that is suppose to enhance libido and protect against STD's, Crake fails to disclose that it makes it's users sterile and that he has planted a super virus in it that will wipe out mankind. Crake has also recruited Oryx (who he hired as a prostitute) to teach the Children of Crake. Jimmy believing Crake to be in love with Oryx tries to resist his feelings for her but Oryx seduces him and they begin a secret affair.

Forced to travel back to Paradice to seek food and other supplies Jimmy leaves the Children of Crake at the beach where he lead them with instructions until he returns. While at Paradice he gets a piece of glass in his foot and it has become infected. He also relives the last days at Paradice after the plague broke out and how he killed Crake. He returns to the Children of Crake and discovers that they have created an image of Snowman and have been praying for his safe return. They also tell him more people like him have come by. The book ends with him going to hunt the people like him.

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