Aug 12, 2013

Odd Interlude

Odd Interlude: A Special Odd Thomas AdventureOdd Interlude: A Special Odd Thomas Adventure by Dean Koontz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really hope that Dean Koontz will write some books featuring Jolie and Ed. I love Jolie's character.

When Odd and Annamaria arrive in Harmony Corner, Odd soon realizes that odd disharmony rules the family compound. Jolie reveals that her family's minds are being controlled by the mad scientist Norris Hiskott. By visiting a secret underground culvert she is able to evade Hiskott's mind control. She believes the underground culvert was used as an escape hatch by the scientist at Ft. Wyvern. She has discovered a unique mummified corpse in the culvert that she refers to as Orc, but is unable to go further into the underground compound.

While Odd goes to kill Hiskott, Ed arranges for Jolie to come further into the compound and reveals that Hiskott injected himself with alien DNA. With Ed's remote assistance Odd is able to defeat Hiskott and restore harmony to Harmony Corner.

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