Aug 18, 2013

Letter To The Editor

I read with amusement Chambers assertion that The Bible was an authentic historical document.  Numerous scholarly works have shown that there is nothing “authentic” about the Bible we know today. 

There are a staggering 14,800 differences from today's Bible and the oldest known Bible, the "Sinai Bible” found in the British Library.

Historical documents reveal that in 1415 the Church of Rome tried to destroy all knowledge of two second century Jewish books that it said contained the true name of Jesus Christ, "Mar Yesu" and the book of Elxai.  Pope Alexander VI ordered all copies of the Talmud destroyed. We can only wonder why the Roman Church felt so threatened by these books.

Historical documents also reveal that in 1607 King James I had the Bible re-written to his personal specifications. 

Which version of the Bible does Chambers believe to be authentic, the “Sinai Bible”, The King James Bible, The Jefferson Bible, The Queen James Bible? Who gets to choose which Bible is the authentic version you should put your faith in?

Uneducated Christians choose to ignore sound historical research, fight tooth and nail to keep sound Science out of our schools (Evolution and Climate Change), and even though Mississippi has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancies in our Nation refuse to allow Comprehensive Sex Education Classes be taught in our schools. They are contributing to the ills in our society by refusing to accept reality and insisting that we all join them in la la land.

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