Aug 5, 2013

Celebrity in Death

Celebrity in Death (In Death, #34)Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb
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When K. T. Harris (the actress who is playing Peabody in the movie adaption of Nadine's book) is murdered at a dinner party both Eve and Peabody are a guest at they have numerous suspects to choose from. Seems K. T. Harris was blackmailing practically everyone at the party.

Then the P.I. Harris hired turns up dead and Eve starts thinking that the killer might be used to using murder to solve problems. Once she delves into his past she comes up with 7 cold cases she can link him too. Now she just has to get the proof.

Feeling the heat the killer sets Julian (actor playing Roarke) up to take the fall and commit suicide while he enjoys a nice dinner with a friend. But Nadine realizes what the killer is up to and gets to Julian in time to save his life.

Now Eve has all she needs to nail the killer for multiple counts of murder.

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