Jul 28, 2013


Tehanu (The Earthsea Cycle, Book 4)Tehanu by Ursula K. Le Guin
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Goha, who was once Tenar of Atuan takes in a badly burned girl who had been abused by her family. The girl does not give a name so Tenar calls her Therru. Not long after Ogion sends for her. Ogion recognizes "power" in the girl and instructs Tenar to train her but not to send her to Roke.

The Lord of Re Albi is using a soccer (Aspen) to steal life from his grandson and keep himself alive.

Tenar buries Ogion and follows his instructions to wait. Eventually Kalessin arrives with Ged on his back. Kalessin gives Tenar his name, before he leaves. Tenar cares for Ged and he eventually regains his physical strength but the magic is all gone. Not ready to face the outside world when the King sends envoys to seek Ged on Gont he flees to Tenar's home.

Aspen places a curse on Tenar she manages to flee with Therru, who is being pursued by one of the men who burned her. They stumble on to the King's ship. The King recognizing Goha as Tenar provides her with aid and takes Tenar and Therru to Tenar's Farm.

Ged has been sent with the goats to mountain pasture when she reaches home. At the beginning of winter Therru's attackers come to the farm to take her but Ged follows them there and injuries one and sends the others running. Ged and Tenar become lovers, and Therru's parents. Tenar's son returns to the farm and lays claim to it. Tenar, Ged and Therru head back to Gont when word reaches them that Auntie Moss (the witch of Gont) is ill. On the way there Aspen puts Ged and Tenar under a spell, Therru manages to hide from him, and he does not realize that she had been with them. Therru calls Kalessin. The next day Aspen takes Ged and Tenar to the cliff where he plans to throw them off but Kalessin arrives and kills Aspen and those with him. Kalessin gives Therru her true name Tehanu and reveals he had been searching for her. He ask if she wants to go with him and she does but she wishes Ged and Tenar to go too and Kalessin says they can not. Tehanu decides to stay with Ged and Tenar for the time being as they have a lot to learn and Kalessin says one day he will return for her.

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