Jul 10, 2013


SmokeSmoke by Mavis Jukes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sweet story with a happy ending.

When Colton moves from Idaho to California he has a hard time adjusting. Even though he is making new friends he misses his Grandfather and Father. His cat Smoke means everything to him, not only is Smoke his best friend he was a gift from his Father. When Smoke goes missing he is heartbroken. His new friends pull together to help find Smoke, but the longer Smoke is gone the more hopeless Colton feels. One night when he is alone at the house he thinks he hears a meow and goes to investigate. Thinking he hears a cougar he hides in an abandoned house on the property. Fearful of the cougar and the ghost that haunts the abandoned house, Colton doesn't respond when rescuers knock on the door of the abandoned house. His Dad who happens to be driving through the area finds him, but sadly the rescuers also found a large dead cat. Colton is desolate thinking it is Smoke, but his Mom's new boyfriend goes to look at the cat and discovers it was a Mother Cat, he finds her kittens nearby and rescues them. He leaves one with Colton and he takes the other to find a good home for it. At first Colton is going to refuse the kitten but then his best friend Madison shows up with unbelievable news. Not only does Colton decide to keep the kitten he arranges for Madison to have the other kitten. Boy is someone going to be in for a surprise when they finally get home.

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