Jul 12, 2013

Mistress of the Game

Sidney Sheldon's Mistress of the GameSidney Sheldon's Mistress of the Game by Tilly Bagshawe
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The Game continues.

Alexandra dies in childbirth leaving Peter Templeton distraught while he dotes on the daughter (Lexi) Alexandra died giving birth to he blames his son (Robbie) for all the attention and time she gave him. A huge rift grows between Father and Son. Eventually Robbie renounces his claim to Kruger-Brent and moves to Paris. Where his piano career takes off, when he becomes the lover of a famous conductor.

Lexi is determined to rule Kruger-Brent. Kidnapped as a child, she lost her hearing in an explosion. No one thinks a deaf woman can rule Kruger-Brent, not even Peter. Everyone assumes that Max Webster (Eve's son) will get the chairman job. But Lexi impresses everyone with her business savy and she is days away from getting the job when Max (who has seduced her on his Mother's orders) puts sex pictures of Lexi on the net. The board ask her to resign due to the ensuing scandal and Max gets the chairman job.

But Max has his own secrets. Eve has carefully plotted revenge against those who harmed her and top of her list was Max's Father Keith Webster (he destroyed her face). When Max was a boy she had him kill Keith. After having children of his own the murder of his Father haunts Max.

Lexi starts her own real estate company and is a rising star in the business community while Max seems to be destroying Kruger-Brent. Some shady business dealings place Lexi in charge of Kruger-Brent and Max takes his own life. Lexi now seems to have everything she has ever wanted. She is married to Gabe McGregor, they have a lovely baby Maxine and she is in control of Kruger-Brent. Then Eve accuses her of stock manipulation. On the verge of being arrested Lexi, Gabe and their baby daughter flee the country.

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