Jul 21, 2013


Inferno (Chronicles of Nick, #4)Inferno by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Surprising ending looking forward to #5.

Adarian isn't the bad guy everyone believes him to be. He honestly does love Nick's Mother and will sacrifice his life to save her.

Caleb founds out who Kody really is and swears fealty to her, even though Nick is now his master, because Adarian bound Caleb to his powers not his life. Nick also has control of Zavid (an Aamon) because he saved his life. Seems like whenever the Malachai spares the life of a daemon the daemon is enslaved by the Malachai. To Nick's credit he was clueless when he saved Zavid's life and was only paying Zavid back for freeing him from Helheim.

Grim tells Nick that Kody was sent to kill him and they break up. Zavid's sister (Zarelda) is working with Grim in order to free her brother, under Grim's orders she posses Casey (head cheer leader). Casey/Zarelda makes a play for Nick, and starts to feed his ego. When they are attacked by Nick's former friends Alan and Tyree (the two boys that beat and shot Nick when Kyrian saved his life), Casey/Zarelda urges Nick to kill Alan. Which will pretty much damn Nick and the entire human race. Simi shows up and kisses him to prevent his killing Alan. Then Ash shows up and intervenes when the police go to arrest him.

Bubba Burdette ask Nick for permission to date Nick's Mother.

(Mount Olympus) Artemis is working with Order to stop the Malachai, after Ambrose changes.

When Adarian gives Nick his powers Kody gives Nick a binding potion that will bind his powers and shield him from his enemies. But the binding potion may have had some side effects Kody didn't count on. Nick's wish to have a normal average life may actually come true.

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