Jul 19, 2013

Ever Fall

EverFallEverFall by Joe Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Plagued by anxiety whenever there are storms self medicating with alcohol helps him get through. But slowly alcohol is taking over his life. During a particularly hellish storm he is drinking while he family huddles in the hall. A malevolent evil snatches them from this world and into Ever Fall.

Just as he is beginning to give up hope of seeing Jane (his wife) and his children (Sara & Jack), two mysterious strangers (Ellius and Fellow) show up and promise to lead him to them. Thus he willing goes to Ever Fall. Ellius arranges for Kotis to aid in the search as Ellius can not leave the forest.

Kotis and Fellow prove to be true friends, the evil is defeated and he is reunited with his family, but sadly they discover there is no way out of Ever Fall for him. His family returns home without him and he slowly resigns himself to life in Ever Fall.

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