Jul 18, 2013


Alterant (Belador, #2)Alterant by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Love this book, I don't understand why my local library never got it in, in book form.

This is book #2 in the series. Evalle is once again having to prove her loyalty in order to stay free. But this time more then her freedom is at stake Brina backed her up and faces punishment by the Tribunal if Evalle fails. Forbidden to ask anyone with Viper for help Evalle is trasported into Tristan's prison in South America. Storm is able to track her but not before Tristan is able to escape and teaches Evalle how to heal after they are brutally attacked by demons and nearly killed. Once Storm is there to protect Evalle Tristan teleports away.

Macha (Goddess) extorts a promise from Brina that she will let Tzader go. If Tzader chooses not to move on with someone new she promises to find a way Brina and Tzader can be together.

Evalle uses one of her gifts from the Tribunal to follow Tristan to Atlanta. She discovers him in the Maze of Death. The three Alterants she is suppose to bring back are being held prisoner by Kizira, who wants to capture Evalle. Working together Tristan and Evalle (who uses her second gift to save their lives) are able to free the Alterants (who are actually Rias). Tristan transports Evalle to Storms location but then runs out on her with the two remaining Alterants (Rias). His goal is to protect his sister (Petrina). Evalle is able to figure out where they went from something one of the Alterants (Rias) said, and she tracks them with Storm's help.

Evalle confronts Tristan and is about to win his agreement to come to the Tribunal with her when Isak Nyght shows up and attacks the Alterants. In order to allow them to escape Evalle uses her third gift to disperse the fog that forces Alterants to take their Beast form that Kizira called up (which the Tribunal claims she shouldn't have been able to do). Sen shows up to bring Evalle before the Tribunal as her time has run out. Storm tries to stop him and Sen leaves him unconscious as he transports Evalle to the Tribunal.

Evalle is found guilty and is imprisoned by Viper. Brina's hologram is imprisoned by the Tribunal, leaving the Beladors at risk. Tzader makes a deal with Macha to recognize the Alterants as part of her pantheon winning freedom for both Evalle and Brina.

Evalle is suppose to track down Tristan, but before she can do so he is contacted by the Belador Traitor who is working with Kizira.

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