Jun 26, 2013

#1 Outlander

Outlander (Outlander, #1)Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Claire Beauchamp Randall isn't very believable as a woman of 1946 she seems much more my contemporary then my Aunt Annette's who would have been around the same age as Claire. But putting aside the fact that Claire's mores are more those of a woman born in the 1960's aside the book was a good yarn.

Claire and her husband #1 Frank Randall are vacationing in the Scottish Highlands, Frank is involved in some genealogy research (this is important as his research allows Claire to know things about his ancestors) when she is transported to 1743.

She is first discovered by Jack Randall (Frank's ancestor) who is a sadistic bully as well as a sexual pervert. After escaping from him she is captured by the Clan MacKenzie, who are rescuing their cousin Jamie Fraser who is traveling under an assumed name. Jamie is badly wounded and Claire puts her nursing skills to use, earning Jamie's friendship.

At Castle Leoch, Claire discovers a web of intrigue. The Laird of the MacKenzie Clan Colum mac Campbell MacKenzie suffers from a genetic condition that renders him crippled and sterile. He is only able to rule the clan as Laird because his brother Dougal stands with him and acts as his arms and legs (and cock but that is suppose to be a secret). Colum doesn't have long to live and fears that his son (actually Dougal's son) Hamish MacKenzie will not be chosen as Laird. The brother's fear that the clan would choose Jamie if he renounces the Fraser clan and takes the MacKenzie plaid. But as the Laird of Lallybroch it is in the best interest of Colum and Dougal to keep him alive. In order to prevent Claire from falling into Randall's hands Dougal arranges for her to marry Jamie. Jamie and Claire soon fall in love but Claire fells guilty about Frank. While Jamie is off hunting with The Duke of Sandringham, in hopes of receiving his help in getting murder charges dropped Geilis Duncan and Claire are arrested for witchcraft. Unbeknownst to Claire Geilis is pregnant with Dougal's child and Colum arranged for her arrest to take care of "the problem". He has possibly arranged for Claire to be arrested to as she knows the truth about Hamish's parentage. Jamie arrives in time to save Claire and they hastily depart.

Claire tells Jamie about Frank and how she was transported back in time. Jamie takes her to Craig na Dun so she can attempt to return to Frank, but Claire chooses to stay with Jamie and they head for Lallybroch. Claire later learns that Geilis was burned at the stake but that she left a message for Claire "I think it is possible, but I do not know and that Geilis disappeared in 1967"

Claire and Jaime are happy at Lallybroch but Jaimie is betrayed by a disgruntled tenant to the Watch. Jamie is taken to Wentworth Prison and is scheduled to be hanged. Captain Randall sexually abuses Jamie, breaks the fingers of his right hand and beats him before Claire can arrange for his rescue. They escaped to Saint Anne de Beaupre's monastery in France, where Jamie's uncle serves as Abbot. Once he is well they plan to join Prince Charles Edward Stuart in Rome. Claire also reveals she is pregnant.

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