Apr 9, 2013

Religious Dogma Must Not Limit a Woman's Healthcare Options

DREGER (March 16 LTE) please do not mischaracterize my position on issues. I am all for preventing unwanted pregnancies. I advocate for teaching comprehensive sex education in our public schools and reproductive healthcare that includes contraceptive coverage, coverage that many in the anti-choice movement wish to deny because of their religious beliefs. 

Sometimes contraceptives fail and when they do a woman should certainly have the choice to terminate the pregnancy as we do not know her circumstances. In case you missed it in the United States if someone is brain dead they can be disconnected from life support? Why then would we afford a collection of cells without a fully formed brain more rights than a woman?

Certainly a victim of rape or incest should not be forced to carry a reminder of her victimization for nine months. For those who seek help in time the Morning After Pill should be an option and for those who are too traumatized to seek help right away abortion should be an option.  No man should be able to interfere with their choice in the matter. 

If genetic testing shows the fetus will be deformed then certainly abortion should be an option. 

I am relieved that you would allow a woman whose life was at risk to have an abortion. Many in the anti-choice movement would not. Savita Halappanavar died because she had the misfortune to be pregnant in a Catholic Country, religious dogma must not be allowed to dictate a woman’s healthcare here.


  1. I agree completely! Self-aware individuals have to have more rights than non-self-aware blobs of cells.


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