Mar 27, 2013

To Grace Evans

Grace Evans age 11 is worried that if homosexuals are allowed to marry it will take Moms & Dads away from kids like her.  Honestly not sure how she thinks this issue will impact "her" life but then she is 11, 11 year olds aren't know for well reasoned thoughtful arguments.

Grace many children today don't have a traditional family it is a shame, but it has nothing to do with homosexuals being allowed to marry. You can blame it on HETEROSEXUALS procreating then getting divorced, if they were even married to begin with. There are a lot of unwed Mothers in the world today. A lot of children grow up in one parent households and most of these children turn out just fine.

Maybe we should ask the children of homosexuals how they feel about their parents being denied the right to marry. Because these children actually are impacted by this issue. You Grace are not and never will be unless one of your parents is a closet homosexual. 

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