Mar 27, 2013

Irony thou name is Gina Miller.

The few times I have read Gina's writings, I cringed at her lockstep conservative perspective on the issues and her ignorant disdain for liberals and those who seek to preserve our nation as founded. From what I have read, her main weapon is empty sarcasm. I say "empty," because sarcasm without a foundation in truth is a dumb weapon of baseless insult, whether the user of it realizes this or not. It was highly amusing to read Miller's denouncement of Alexandra Petri's column on what's her name, you know the has been former Governor of Alaska.

Sadly the poor persecuted Christians have had to start their War on Christmas nonsense in March.  Really not being allowed to use public tax payer money to fund your Religious Displays does not constitute a War on Christmas, it harkens back to the founding principal, you know the one about separation of Church and State.  

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