Feb 26, 2013

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm

A public  school in Cocoa, Florida has a  policy that no clothing may bear a message that has "sexually explicit or oriented wording" or that "infringes on the rights of others." Sounds good and you would think the Christians would be all for it, right? Wrong they are up in arms because this message

"Don't drink and park... accidents cause kids," 

was prohibited by the policy. According to Gina Miller it's because it's a Christian Message. Really the message sounds sexually oriented to me. I mean what else would kids be doing if they park? and what else would cause kids? While I applaud the sentiments maybe wearing the T-shirt to a school that has a policy that prohibits sexually explicit or oriented wording wasn't the brightest idea.

Apparently the Gina Millers of this world have a problem when policies are applied fairly and exceptions aren't made for her religious group. NO SEXUALLY ORIENTED MESSAGES, MEANS NO SEXUALLY ORIENTED MESSAGES.

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