Feb 5, 2013

Kill Alex Cross

Kill Alex Cross (Alex Cross, #18)Kill Alex Cross by James Patterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fast paced thriller although I don't really think that Alex was ever in any danger. A Muslim Terrorist organization (The Family)is terrorizing D.C. "The Family" keeps their operatives in line by threatening the couples children, and forced suicides are a regular occurrence until one operative fights back. "The Family" also takes credit for kidnapping the President's children but Alex believes the kidnapping was more personal. But when Alex fingers the school nurse there may be no legal way to link him to the crime in time to save the children, so Alex, Ned and Sampson take matters into their own hands.

When Ava mugs Nana Mamma she winds up with a home in the Cross household and Damon is away at boarding school.

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